ChallengeFind a way to get college students to quit drinking so damn much.

BackgroundOur research shows that college students often feel peer pressured into drinking in excessive amounts. They are at a new school and want to fit in by doing what is perceived as "the norm".

InsightIt's embarrassing to admit that you don't know your limits. 

StrategyDrink smarter, party harder.

ApproachShow college students that blacking out is actually not cool and/or necessary by creating an app that allows them to measure their BAC levels based on a game built into the app that measures reaction times. An app is the perfect outlet for this type of game because it's personal -- nobody around you has to know that you are checking how drunk you are.



We submitted DTR to AKQA's Future Lions competition. The brief asks to connect a brand to an idea using a form of technology that wasn't available three years ago. To do this, we changed the campaign slightly -- partnering with Budweiser and presenting the competition on a national stage.

These deliverables are all media executions that will help supplement the DTR app and create awareness for both the cause and the app in places that our target audience will notice them. 

Spotify Party Playlist

This media execution will target our audience in the moment, while they are getting ready to go out or at a party. There will be a special "party playlist" featuring top hits where there will also be specific DTR ad playing periodically.


The Remembeer

We hope to partner with a local brewery in order to create "The Remembeer" -- a lower alcohol content beer that will allow our audience to continue in the drinking and partying without getting so drunk so fast. 



These posters will be placed throughout the dorms in order to remind freshman that drinking to remember is the smarter option.

Strategy: Yours truly

Copy, Animation & Video Production : Joseph McRobert

Design: Esther Knox

Account Management: Jenna Force

Media Plan: Steven Jackson

Creative help: Emma Hyman, Mac Mullen