Situation: during my senior year at the University of Oregon, Wieden+Kennedy NYC gave us a brief. our team was selected to present our idea to Dan wieden.

Challenge: Oregon has an extremely low high school graduation rate. Find a way to increase that rate over the next two years. 

problem: After visiting two high schools on the Oregon coast and speaking with students and faculty at these schools, we found the main issue is absenteeism. If kids don't go to school, they won't graduate. 

insight: students in these communities can't imagine themselves working in successful careers beyond high school because they've never been exposed to those types of careers in their small hometowns. that said, why go to school?

solution: Get students to think about the long term in the short term by connecting their current interests with potential careers via Snapchat - a platform they already know and love. we also created a website in partnership with the university of oregon alumni career network to help students discover where their passions and potential careers intersect. Lastly, we designed a 360 campaign to spread the word.

the team:

mairi McCaslin - strategy

Joseph McRobert - copy, art direction, video production

Lisa Donato - art direction and design

me - strategy and media planning